Monday, December 2, 2013


Picture from the Louis Vuitton campaign:L'invitation au voyage
     Finally the day has arrived!  After a long preparation,  The Sovereign by Vivianne Rainborn is ready for the journey!  
     First,  I would like to thank all the great people around me for their support, motivation and trust to make this happened. Mom, my family , Gloria, Maria, Brigitte, Ivie, Ekat, Fanni, Liliana , Ono and Kata!  I'm very blessed to have all of you in my life! 
     Now I feel extremely excited  about launching this blog! The idea of blogging got planted into my mind few months ago, but due to the lack of time,  I haven't devoted the attention to do it till the beginning of September.  I have to say that I'm a  very perfectionist person, so when it comes to a new project,I will work hard and put in my best effort to make it special, individual and different. And it takes time,a lot of time.  And being a student of two universities doesn't make it easier ... But now or never. One cannot wait for the right time to do or create something, what makes her happy, because time passes so fast! Confucious said: Every journey start with a single step. So I decided to drop all my fears and doubt about this, and take the first step to begin my journey with The Sovereign! 
     Being born and raised up in Europe with Chinese descent gave me a chance to be a member of two different cultures ,which provides me an insight into their traditions,  culture and society. Therefore  I would like to give an insight for you of both cultures. As a fashionista , art-lover, philantropist dreamer and achiver, my aim is the following: Open a window to China, introduce Hungarian fashion designers, bring designers and artist closer to you from The Middle Kingdom, and of  course express my personal style and what inspires me as well. 
     Let's start this journey together!  Hope you will enjoy it! 
     Get inspired and inspire others to BE BOLD, BE GOOD, DO GOOD. For yourself, your family , your friends and for the society. 

        这一刻终于来了!经过长时间的准备, Vivianne Rainborn 制作的 The Sovereign  可以开始它的旅程了!
        首先,我要感谢在我身边一直支持我、鼓励我、信任我的可爱的人。我的母亲、我的家人、Gloria, Maria, Brigitte, Ivie, Ekat, Fanni, Liliana, Ono and Kata:我非常幸运能拥有你们在我的生命里!
        此时此刻,我怀着一颗激动的心启动我的博客!几个月以前我就有了写博客的计划,但由于空闲时间少(目前是两所大学的学生),无法集中精力去实现这个计划。坦然说, 我是一个完美主义者,对于一个新的项目,我会很努力投入全部的精力去使它与众不同,充满个性的色彩,而这需要花很多的时间。但机不可失,时不再来。 一个人不能等待合适时间的来临去做或是创造使她快乐的事情,因为合适的时间是我们为我们自己创造的!孔子说:千里之行开始足下。所以我决定抛开我所有的恐惧和疑虑,迈出第一步,开始我和 The Sovereign 的旅程!
        作为在欧洲出生和成长的中国人,使我有机会同时受到两个文化的熏陶,能够近距离了解东西方的传统、文化和社会。作为一个热爱时尚、艺术和生活的fashionista philantropist、梦想家和实现者,我的目标如下:为中国打开一个窗口,引进匈牙利和欧洲的时尚设计师,同时向世界推介中国文化和优秀的设计师。当然,我也会向大家展示我个人时尚风格和介绍使我获得灵感的东西。
        BE BOLD, BE GOOD, DO GOOD. 为了你自己、你的家人、你所爱的人和你的好友,为了我们社会的和谐!



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