Friday, February 7, 2014


   Hello Dearies!
 Sorry for the lack of post, but I've been struggling for my exams in the last two month. But it was totally worth it! So, this week I finally had time for an outfit shooring with my photographer! So happy! Actually this outfit concept came up in my mind when I was studying for my  Comparative Constitutional Law exam :D  Talking about law, I've just finished the organizing my class schedule for the upcoming semester, and guess what! I've added three extra languange courses to improve my English in the field of International Law in English. Can't wait!!!
 OK, let's get back to the outfit! I'm the kind of the girl, who still sneak into her mother's closet and borrow vintage pieces from it. This time I picked her camel woolen coat (aaah it's so warm!!!)  and her striped silk blouse (which she bought in the 80's). Two classy, timeless pieces every woman should own in her wardrobe. So, here you go! Check out my first look from 2014!


/ Hat : Claire's /
/ Woolen coat: Vintage /
/ Blouse: Vintage / 
/ Black pants: ONLY jeans /
/ Bag: H&M /

Photo by: Peter Szvoboda Photography


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  1. Awesome pics! Nice outfit and super cool pics
    Nice Blog :D


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