Sunday, October 18, 2015

Falling into fall

  I'm so happy to announce that I'm the one of TOP10 contestant of the Fashionblogger of the Year competition organized by Joy Magazine Hungary and F&F Clothing!  On Wednesday I visited the F&F Showroom for Round 1 of the contest, where our task was to create an outfit with F&F key winter pieces. 
 My outfit for Round 1 is all about using warm colours and mixing different patterns to create a classy  winter look. 

 Here are my three tips for mix patters and prints in our outfit like a pro: 

1. Balance is everything. Mix large patterns ( like this floral blouse )  with small patters (take a look on my trousers)  to balance your look. 

2. Be bold. Match colours and play with different textures. 

3. Let's calm things down. Use neutrals to break uo your prints. Too much patter can make your whole outfit look extremely unorganized. 

In case you fancy my outfit and my blog->Please vote for me  on official site of the competition! 

Photography by:  Nikolett Mihalik


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