Monday, November 21, 2016

10 signs that you are a crazy cat person

  From one crazy catlady to another, featuring my favourite comics about cats. If you really a catlover and admirer, then click on the pictures from the talented comic artists website for more hilarious stories, which perfectly describes our amazing life with these furry badass felines! 

 You don't only talk to them, but you also sing and meow (even,if it doesn't make any sense..ooor??? ).

 When you talk about your cat, you refer to them as your firstborn.  

 When they are in cuddling-mode and demand to be hold in your arms, you usually take this opportunity to bring them to  the mirror and be like: Baby! That is us! 

 Best part of buying new shoes? You get your pumps, and your furry baby gets the BOX. Yayyy! Win-win for both!

 When it comes to playtime, you let them bite and strach you. Moreover, you proudly wear these scars for the world to see that you are a cat parent. 

 Cat hair is literally everywhere ...I have even found cat hair on the keyboard of my PC at my workspace. 

You sleep better, when they are in the same room with you.

 Talkin' about sleeping. If they are curled up and sleeping in your lap, you don't move. Someone is calling you? Don't pick up the phone. Thirsty? Just hold on. You need to pee? Don't do it. Just.don't.move.

 You apologize to them when you need to leave for work...  Aaaand when you arrive home, they are the first one you say hello to and ask them how was their day. 

 You love your little ball of fur unconditionally.

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